July 27, 2016


How Our Love Grew Part 1 Ft. Sanuk Footwear & Daniel Wellington

Hello my loves!!

I am constantly getting asked to share some more personal things about moi and my little family and before you comment “you forgot about Jay!” let me just tell you that our FULL family feature is coming soon!! For now I am focusing on Miguel, Abel, and I. Continue reading if you want to know how our love grew over time!

Not many people know this but Miguel and I “officially” met in February 2007, when I was 15 and pregnant. We worked a little place called Tim Hortons. Have you heard of it? I’m sure you have 😉 We were introduced by my mom, who was and still is a supervisor at the time, on my first day on the job. I actually don’t even remember meeting him. Oops….I was too consumed on getting through my first day!

Highlights of us working together were:

  1. We learned each others  favourite hot drinks (Coffee/ Steeped Tea)
  2. Racing to see who could make sandwiches faster to meet Drive Thru time (I say we tied)
  3. Watching Miguel slice his finger because he was going to fast (dumbass) 
  4. Miguel was my tandem 90% of the time (aka I took orders and he made the drinks)
  5. Telling him I was so hungry that I  could eat two bagels because I was pregnant (which was a lie and he never found out until we started dating)
  6. Making fun of each other because we both looked RIDIC in those ugly ass uniform (trust me they were ugly!)
  7. Whenever we worked late shifts together he had the task of taking out / replacing all the garbages (I was pregnant – I couldn’t have done it ;)) 
  8. Last but not least, becoming friends!

I noticed that Miguel started coming along to our family functions (which I actually never understood why). I think, it was because my mom and him had a very close relationship. Something that you should know about my mama is she treats (and still treats) any of our friends like family ! Always telling them what to do! LOL. But no, in all seriousness, she wanted him to come along to our family functions because Miguel’s parents moved to Calgary and wanted to show him some family love.

As life went on, we tried to keep in touch via Facebook (at that time it was really the only social media platform that was used – next to Nexopia). We would wish each other a Happy Birthday but that was pretty much it. Life was too hectic. We would always remember our Tim Hortons days though. Even now, we always tease each other that we had a major crush on one another but wouldn’t admit it. Which was true…. Hello, I was pregnant ! LOL.

Over time, we developed a very close friendship and of course later (waaayy later) turned into what we have now. A family.  To know that we met, lost touch, rediscovered our friendship, finally admitted our love for one another, all in a 10 year span, is so crazy to think about don’t you think?!

I would go into more detail but I’m saving that for our FULL story where I explain how we fell in love and how we all became a family. Im such a tease ! Admit it though, I got you hooked.

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Hat: Nine O Clock Gun                 Sunglasses: Tom Ford                  Jean Jacket & Purse: Thred UP

Tee: Little Gypsy Finery               Button Up: H&M                           Dress: Aritzia

Leggings: Trendy Bubs                 Watch: Daniel Wellington           Watch: Daniel Wellington

Shoes: Vans                                     Shoes: Sanuk Footwear               Shoes: Salt Water Sandals