February 1, 2018


How To Introduce Water To Your Baby | #ForBetterBeginnings #Playtexmom

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It’s true what they say, babies grow up so fast! Now that Isaiah has officially turned 6 months old (seriously, where has the time gone!), I’ve started giving him a bit of water when he’s thirsty.

Giving him a few sips of water (no more than 2 ounces every 24 hours) is safe. Not only does it give me a break from the constant breastfeeding but it also helps him quench his thirst.

Growing up has many stages and Playtex Baby™ wants to make sure every stage of baby’s growth is a smooth transition.

With that in mind, here are a few tips on how you can introduce water to your baby.

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 How to Introduce Water to Your Baby

Step 1

Pick a sippy cup with a  soft spout. The soft spout will feel more familiar to your baby than a hard plastic spout.

We love the Playtex® Sipsters® Stage 1 Soft Spout Cup.

This specific sippy cup is designed for children from 4 months and older. Stage 1 cups promote independent drinking skills with unique features like removable handles, soft silicone spout, and more!

Step 2

Show your baby how to use the sippy cup.

Your baby needs help figuring out how to their new sippy cup! Help your baby by raising and tilting the sippy cup for them. I do this with Isaiah. This has definitely helped him get used to holding his sippy cup and sucking on the spout to get water.

Step 3


In my past experience, my babies have always loved repetition. If your baby isn’t interested in drinking water. Just wait a few days and try again.

Step 4


If your mind is more at ease when giving pre-boiled water to your baby in the sippy cup then continue doing that! Do whatever works for you and your family.

I hope these tips help give you some insight on how to introduce water to your baby.

Once your baby is ready for next stage, Playtex Baby™ created Sipsters® Cups to keep up with your baby as they grow from newborn to baby to toddler! Check out the next available Sipsters® Cups below.

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