Do you want a wedding that screams ‘luxury’? Planning a luxury wedding can be a lot of work, and cost a lot of money. However, there are a few ways you can have the luxury wedding of your dreams without going broke. Whatever your budget, there will be a tip in this guide you can use. Here are 7 things you need for a luxury style wedding:
Beautiful Flowers and Greenery
A luxury style wedding always needs beautiful flowers. However, something many brides forget to include is pretty greenery. Leafy greenery can add some natural colors to the day and give it more of a ‘countryside’ feel. If you love rustic weddings, then this tip is a must! If you have a large budget, then you’ll want to invest in your flowers. Most luxury weddings include as many flowers as they possibly can to get an expensive look. If you’re short on budget, you don’t need to worry about that. You can find alternatives to the most expensive flowers that don’t cost half as much. You could even pick some yourself if you’re going for a rustic wedding. If you want something totally different, make them yourself!
A Gorgeous Dress
All eyes are going to be on you on your big day, so make sure you have the most stunning dress you can find. I know people who have found their wedding dresses in designer sample sales and loved them. Buying off the rack doesn’t need to be a bad thing anymore!
Fancy Transport
Showing up to your wedding in style is important if you want it to scream ‘luxury’! Most people go for limousines like those found at Bergen Limo. However, if you’re getting married near a body of water, you could even show up in a boat. Get creative and wow your guests!  
A Class A Caterer
The catering is going to make a huge difference to the atmosphere of your wedding. One thing that will really impress the guests is the food. Make sure you consider vegetarian guests, and guests with allergies too.
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An Amazing Venue
By choosing an amazing wedding venue, you might find that you barely need to decorate at all. Take your time when choosing the perfect venue; after all, it’s going to be in the background to all of your pictures!
A Signature Cocktail
Impress your guests with a free signature cocktail that you’ve created yourself. If you’re unsure, ask your caterer to help you. Cocktails are always the most luxury drink you can have!
Thoughtful Favors
Instead of giving favors that nobody really cares about, give out thoughtful favors. You could give out of town guests some toiletries for their hotel room, for instance. Really think about what your guests will remember and use.
Make sure you have these 7 things on your wedding day and everyone will have the best time. You don’t need to be rich to have a luxury wedding and a wonderful time. Any tips of your own? Leave a comment. Bye for now!
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