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Let’s dive into the world of Dashcams why don’t we?

The topic of car accessories, other than which car seat to purchase, aren’t really discussed in the “mom” realm. My question is why isn’t it?

Since going on maternity leave, I’ve become the parent that does all the pickups and dropoffs. I sit and wait in traffic. I pick up the groceries. I’m basically a part-time chauffeur and I, obviously, want to keep my family safe.


I was recently involved in an MVA (motor vehicle accident) as a passenger. Long story short, we were sideswiped by another vehicle. I instantly wished that I had our dashcam installed a week earlier. The dashcam can provide irrefutable evidence in the event of an accident (often when it’s your word against the other drivers’, a dash cam shows facts!).

Fortunately, I’m versed in these situations. If you’ve been following along for some time, you’ll know that blogging isn’t my full-time gig. Actually, I work as a legal assistant at an insurance corporation.

I specialize in personal injury. You can imagine all the “he said/she said” conversations that go on.

BlackboxMyCar has a great selection of dashcams for you to chose from.

Benefits of a dashcam

  • A dash cam can prevent you from having to pay an insurance deductible in the event of a hit and run. It is often tough to prove what really happened without visual evidence to hold the offending driver responsible.
  • Can help police catch thieves and vandals who may try and break into your car while it’s parked. This has happened to me and it’s not a fun situation to be in.
  • Some models are equipped with GPS tracking.

About the BlackVue DR490

This model offers a high-end processor capable of recording Full HD video at 11 Megabits per second on both front and rear channels.
  • enhanced nighttime clarity
  • smallest and most attractive 2 channel dash cams available
  • has an automatic parking mode (when paired with a hardwirekitr or battery pack)
  • can record for upwards of 20 hours in parking mode

The DR490-2CH also brings back memory card partitioning to the BlackVue lineup and lets you divide the normal, event, and parking folders to your preferences.
Note: The DR490-2CH does not support WiFi or Blackvue Over the Cloud

Regardless of the fact that dashcams are mostly marketed to gearheads, I really believe that dashcams can help us, mamas, too! Not only will it give you a peace of mind but you can finally enjoy being the chauffeur. Well, just a little bit more than usual 😉
Purchase yours at BlackboxMyCar.

Photography by: Kristina Dean Photography