So guess who finally made time to post Isaiah’s newborn photos by Julie Christine Photography and his birth story? ME ME ME!

It’s been 10 months since Isaiah has been born and life has been so busy. But SO so so good.

Isaiah brings so much life and happiness into our home. I can’t believe that he’ll be 1 years old next month!

Isaiah’s Newborn Photos by Julie Christine Photography

First, I want to give a HUGE shout out to my girl Julie from Julie Christine Photography for taking Isaiah’s Newborn Photos.

We had initially planned for him to be a bit younger but Isaiah decided to come three weeks early. Him showing up early put a damper on our plan but thankfully Julie was able to rearrange her schedule to come to my home.

Scroll down for his newborn photos. I just can’t deal!

Isaiah’s Birth Story

Similar to the other two labors, Isaiah came fast and furious. This time, however, he came three weeks early.

To begin this story, I wanted to take to share the emotions that I was feeling leading up to my due date.

The entire time I was pregnant with Isaiah I was terrified of labour.

For more insight read the post below:

Why going through labour the third time isn’t a charm

I cried (ok maybe whined) every week thinking about going through labour. Unfortunately, I was traumatized by Abel’s birth that all I could think was”what if this, what if that”.

I even considered scheduling a c-section to avoid labour pains at all costs. Thankfully, I voiced my concerns with my GP who gave me other options to reduce pain and to help me through the whole process.

The Plan

Knowing that I have short and extremely intense labours, we were preparing for Isaiah to come sooner rather than later. Plus Isaiah is my third wild card baby!! Anything can happen.

My last check up appointment was on Wednesday, July 19. At that appointment, there were no signs of labour, Isaiah was head down but no movement. I had just finished working the Friday before, so I was thankful to have three weeks to spend with the older boys. Our whole summer was planned for my August 12 due date.

Or so I thought.

The next morning, I went to visit my mom and have her make me some breakfast. I was at the point of my pregnancy that doing anything was a chore. We also had a playdate planned near her place.

At that point, everything seemed right on schedule until I got up from her kitchen chair and felt like I peed my pants. Of course, I didn’t think anything of it because it wasn’t a gush of water. It literally felt like a small trickle so I thought I peed my pants and was like eh whatever.

I drove to the park and that’s when things started to get interesting. 

We went to the park and played for a bit and all of a sudden, a felt some more pee (at this point you figured out it wasn’t pee). It kept happening for about an hour. Needless to say, I had to cut our playdate short and I headed to the washroom at the park to check what was going on.

My underwear was soak and it WASNT pee.

Yes, I freaked out.  My due date wasn’t for another three weeks and was not prepped for Isaiah to come!

SO, I called my mom and told her I was on my way back to her place because I think my water broke. Her reaction “Are you serious? Come home now mija.”

I did.

Then I called Miguel and asked him if he was busy at work or if he thought he could come home. He asked me what was wrong and I proceeded to tell him that I thought my water broke, but I wasn’t sure and that it was probably nothing. His response “I’m coming home right now.”.

Still, I was in denial that this was all happening and told both him, my mom, and my sister that it was probably nothing.

I drove to my moms and waited for Miguel call to grab him from the Skytrain station. About 40 mins later, I went to grab Miguel and then drove home to take a shower. He asked if I was sure and I told him yes.

I took a shower, took my sweet ass time to grab my things and told him to head to Mcdonalds. Yes, I wanted to eat a good meal before because I was hungry. Priorities.

We show up at the hospital, check in and we head to labour and delivery.

Still no contractions, but the nurse confirms that my water did in fact break and that they weren’t sending me home.

Finally, reality started to set in that I wasn’t going home and that I was having a baby.

Cue the panic and the tears.

Thankfully, my GP was the delivery doctor on call. She calmed me down and told me not to worry because we had a plan. That just so happens that we would execute it three weeks earlier than expected.

Labour & Delivery

It was 6 hours after my water broke that they decided to induce me. I wasn’t dilating and my water was broken for too long without any progress.

I never been induced and was terrified, but it was ok because being induced was part of my labour plan.

See being induced would help with pain management (which didn’t happen with Abel because I laboured so quickly) hence being traumatized. But first, they were going to give me the epidural to help.

This was also a first for me because, with Jay & Abel, I did not get the epidural.

Once they got the epidural going, I started the drip and I slept. I woke up and felt pressure to push which was a couple hours later.

A couple pushes and Isaiah was born.

Even when it came time to push, I was still in denial and told my GP no that I was ok and didn’t want to. LOL.

Literally, that’s how it happened. I had contractions but the pain was bearable and I was relaxed. There was no rushing, no urgency, no beeping, no swearing, no screaming just serenity. Miguel was even watching NBA highlights on his phone -.-

The whole labour process with Isaiah was completely different from my other two deliveries. Isaiah has been such a blessing and is such a great baby. He has his moments but I just remember how lucky we are to have him and how easy his labour was.

Photo Credit: Julie Christine Photography

Items Pictured:

Blue Delivery Robe: Pink Blush Maternity

Dock A Tot: Dock A Tot

Isaiah’s Shirt: Mon Bebe Apparel

Blue Ergo Pouch: Ergo Pouch

“Oversized” Black Swaddle: Beluga Baby

“Boss” Paci Clip: Glitter & Spice

Light Grey Bamboo Wrap: Beluga Baby

Newborn Photos by Julie Christine Photography

Newborn Photos by Julie Christine Photography

Newborn Photos by Julie Christine Photography