As Father’s Day approaches, I thought it would be great idea to have a guest post up from a “Father’s point of view”. This particular passage is written by a close friend of mine. These are his words. They explain his truth, as a Father and a working man.

So without further ado, here’s the working mans crossroad.

The Working Man

We are all faced with that one difficult decision that ultimately impacts our daily lives. On the surface it may seem like an easy choice, but deep in our minds there’s a lingering doubt that limits our ability to act.

“Will I make it?”

“I got way too much to lose.”

“There’s a lot on the line.”

“Go LIVE your dreams!”

“How are my bills gonna get paid?”

“Don’t chase the money.”

“Do what you love.”

The “choice” that I’m talking about is whether we chase our dreams or live with what makes us feel most comfortable.


Like so many others who are haunted by this moral dilemma, I’m here at the crossroads. As I write this entry, I sit with a group of hardworking Union Ironworkers in the lunchroom.

Some are happy, others miserable.

I look around to each of my comrades, trying to see past the sweat dripping down their faces. Searching for that burning desire lit in their hearts, a passion in their eyes.


Do I say goodbye to the routine and honest living? Should I kiss away the six figure salary and watch it be taken by someone else?

It’s almost impossible to get rid of such hindering thoughts.

However, we CAN control how we respond to them. Success, by any means, CAN be achieved by making those passionate decisions every single day. Even with the pressures of life that are thrown our way.

It’s an ugly truth that our time here on Earth is limited.  

The people who accept this truth, are the ones who know that every choice they make today, will impact their future for the better.

My Truth

I used to feel jealous of the people who lived in mansions with some of the most luxurious foreign cars in the driveway.
Now, I’m more jealous of those who are chasing their dreams and living what they love to do.
Their lives are no longer masked by material things. Instead their heart and souls are filled with happiness. Enjoying the benefits from all the hard work have they put in.

While my own soul sits unfulfilled and empty.

I think to myself if change is what I really need?

I know it is, but let’s see if I have the courage to make the leap.

By: Phanno Toeun

The Workingman